Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The meaning of Christmas

As many others will agree, sometimes the meaning of Christmas seems to get lost. Many will spend hundreds and thousands of dollars this season, as they have every season. Some will even get cranky along the way if something sells out, or the shipping time for something is too long. We get into a hurry trying to get everything done in a timely manner, and the whole point just gets lost. I am not accusing, and pointing fingers, but we all know this happens. Some of us are guilty of it, and I'll admit I have gotten caught up before, too!

This year we really want to do things differently. We don't want to spend spend spend. We don't want to get a bunch of things for our kids that will likely get lost and/or broken right off the bat. We don't want to get them so many things that they get to the point where they just expect more and more.

I watched a video last Christmas with my husband and kids, and my parents. It was Christmas from maybe 1991? I was 6. I. Was. MORTIFIED. I was SUCH a spoiled little brat! I thought everything was about me, and I didn't seem to be happy with very much, and was ready to just move onto the next thing as soon as I got one gift opened. There must be more, there must be something better. Me, me, me, me. Yes, I am admitting this out loud, and I am so embarrassed. But, thankfully I am not that way any more, and being 6 years old, I just didn't understand.

My parents were just trying to do what they thought they should. They were doting on their daughter, because they loved me. They didn't mean to spoil me, but it happened anyway. I do not want this for my kids. I know how many are out there without a roof over their head, and without food in their belly.

So, I read in a few places that a lot of people are giving 3 gifts. One thing their kids want, one thing they need, and something for learning. We are doing something very similar, but not staying super strict to this. We've gotten them each 3 gifts (but one is from Santa) and then one gift for them all to open Christmas Eve. A new pair of PJ's, some hot cocoa, popcorn, and a Christmas movie. Then we got them a couple stocking stuffers. (one of the two items is something they need, and one for fun).

Also, I'd like to inspire those that read this to do something for someone. Doesn't have to be a family, or even a friend. Maybe it's someone you see that could really just benefit from a good deed. It is a time for giving. Maybe you can make a meal for a stressed out family. Maybe you know a single mom who doesn't have the money to do something nice for herself, and give her a gift card to buy a new outfit. Maybe you see a homeless person in the same spot all the time, that could really use a new pair of shoes. Maybe you even know someone who just really needs a friend to call and check on her, and spend some time just chatting.

Id love to hear your thoughts and ideas on these subjects. And if you have already, or are planning to give to someone in need, please share what that is/was!

I know this is a tiny bit off topic of my blog, but these are some thoughts that have been floating around in my head for a while now, and I really just wanted to get them out there :)

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