Saturday, December 28, 2013

Our laundry room, AKA, the black hole.

On our journey to minimalism, we know there are certain areas, and rooms that are going to be harder than others. Sometimes we're feeling brave, and sometimes we want to go hide in a dark room and curl up into the fetal position. Yesterday we did our underwear drawer. That was fairly easy. My husband had to work, and I have been pretty ill, so we kept it simple. Today, it was time to go big, or go home. Looking back, it was honestly harder to make the decision to do it, than any of the work itself. I'd guess it took us about a half hr working at a slow-moderate pace. And the end result surprised us both.

The husband actually got a little cranky when we first started, saying the room too small to do anything in. Turns out, it's not that small at all. Before and after photo's below!


So, something that we've been putting off for months, took us a matter of minutes, and took a huge chunk of stress out of our lives. Quite a bit was trash, some was donate, and a lot of stuff belonged in the shed. Seeing before and after pictures just reassures us we're doing the right thing for our family by changing the way we think, and changing our lifestyle.

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