Wednesday, December 4, 2013

First step was the decision, what's next?

Hello everyone! So the biggest step is to decide to do this at all, right? I guess I will see! Have you heard of If not, do check it out! She is a wonderful woman who started a web page to encourage others to get organized! One big thing I learned from her, is to get rid of it! If you do not love it, use it, or have a purpose for it, why do you have it? I have filled many boxes this year and taken them to the local mission to donate. It feels amazing. To let go of these things, and know that not only am I freeing myself from the clutter, I am blessing someone else!

What she says, is to box it up, or bag it up, either way... And take it straight to your car! Don't put it in a closet, or in your garage. You'll forget about it, and then it's just clutter that you moved from one place to another. So, you load it up, and the next time you are out, you drop it off! For me, I wait till I have a few boxes in my car, but still take the stuff once I have enough. We live in the country a little ways, so if I'm going to drive 20 minutes each way, I'm going to make sure it's a healthy sized haul :)
So folks, as you are boxing things up, don't forget to take the items to your car!

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